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SureFire M952V LED WeaponLight for Rifles and SMGs — White and IR Output

It's worth pointing out that lights are for observation and target identification only, and lasers are for aiming without needing to use the sights - two completely different purposes.

The light is a fairly important piece of equipment for home defense, because identifying targets is critical to shooting accurately in the dark (e.g. silhouetting the front sight post), and avoiding shooting friendlies (e.g. teenager sneaking in late).  Put one on every long gun, in a location that can be activated "momentarily", with your hands in position on your gun (e.g. on the rail).  You should also have a hand-held light nearby, that can be used to search for targets without having to point the weapon at them.

If I told you that armed criminals are going to attack your house 10 minutes after you get home from somewhere today, how ready are you to respond to the threat?  What "wishlist" items would run through your head, such as "I really wish I would have practiced shooting my handgun in the dark more." or "I really wish I would have cleaned my rifle after the last time I went to the range."?

There are a couple lines in the Special Forces Creed that have always stood out to me:  "I will keep my mind and body clean, alert and strong.  I will maintain my arms and equipment in an immaculate state befitting a Special Forces Soldier, for this is my debt to those who depend upon me."

I recently got the opportunity to spend some time with John Harrell from 2XTap Shooting Academy, and try out their new Firearms Training Simulator (FiTS) which will be opening to the public this week.  I am extremely impressed, and you should be excited that such a phenomenal training opportunity is coming to our community.  They will officially open Saturday, October 19, 2013, 9AM-5PM.

John is an experienced NRA-certified instructor, and also offers a variety of other defense-focused courses, using pistols, shotguns, and rifles.  He explained to me that throughout his instruction career, he's noticed a big gap in the ability to provide high-quality, scenario-based training to his students.  The military has been using video training simulators for decades, and most police departments have their very own now as well.  However, as far as John could find, his is the only professional-quality simulator available to the public, this side of the Mississippi River.  That's a very big gap to fill, indeed.

Something fun for Halloween:

Zombie movies often depict a situation in which so much of the population has been zombified that the few remaining normal people have little or no chance to survive. But just how hard would it be to survive in comparison to set amounts of zombification?

This might sound, at first, like a useless discussion, but I think that few people have actually considered the figures.

Defensive shooting competitions can be used to train for real defensive situations, but you have to be careful how you do it.  The reality is that a defensive shooting competition is a game.  Because it is a game, there are some artificial measures of success (e.g. time), and people psychologically want to maximize their ability to meet the artificial goals.  However, if you are aware of the training pitfalls that will form bad combat habits, and don't mind handicapping your scores a little, you can get a fantastic training experience out of a match.

"You don't rise to the occassion.  You fall to your level of training."  Let's examine some things to watch out for: