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No .22LR ammo? I get this question a lot, asking why there is no .22LR ammo on store shelves, and if I know a "secret source" to find some (I don't).  I'm not surprised it's sparse, based on a couple things...

Once you've mastered your iron sights, it's time to start exploring your options for advanced optics to use on your tactical carbine rifle.  There are lots of choices on the market, driven by over a decade at war in urban areas.  When selecting optics, I go by a couple general guidelines:

A couple posts on other blogs got me thinking lately about the value of training, what to train for, and where you should be headed with your training spectrum.

There are elements of truth and myth in both accounts, and I think there are some different assumptions and ideas that we need to investigate.

This is a little bit of a gripe, but bear with me, and maybe someday a manufacturer will see it and think about what they've done.  Have you ever noticed that manufacturers offer several variants, or "product lines" of their wares, but that it's completely unclear to us (e.g. dealers, consumers) what they are, what they mean, and which one we should buy?  The worst part is that it was probably not a decision taken lightly on their end - they deliberately "positioned" model XYZ as an "intermediate widget for the mainstream user", but then they completely failed by giving it some arbitrary name like "SLP" or "Black Edition".

Magazines are a critical component in all our magazine-fed weapon systems.  However, there is a lot of myth, ignorance, and misinformation that surrounds them.  Let's go through all the things we need to know about magazines, and set the record straight.