Here is a custom Google Map we made, of all the shooting ranges accessible to people in our area (Firestone, CO 80504).  Not all of these ranges are public, so many require paid memberships.  Many members-only ranges in the area have waitlists up to a decade (yes, 10 years).  If you know of a range we've missed, post it in the comments below, and we'll add it.

After cleaning your rifle or pistol, especially a CCW pistol or home-defense carbine, it is absolutely critical that you perform a functions check.  The functions check ensures that the weapon is still operational, after you have performed cleaning or maintenance on it that could have broken it.  The last thing you would want, is to have a violent intruder in your home, reach for your rifle, and have it fail you when you need it most.  However, most people, especially civilians, have never been taught to functions check their firearms.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

In the image above, you see a copy of the Serenity Prayer, on the back of an Alcoholic's Anonymous challenge coin.  This prayer always gets me thinking about responsibility, blame, root causes, and how they fit into the ideals of our modern society.  These topics become incredibly important, when we start talking about self defense, and other life-threatening situations.  This is important because knowing the true, realistic cause-and-effect relationships between things, instead of the explanation that makes us feel good, is the only way to avoid the problem in the first place, or in the future.

Many people have different goals in mind for their security and preparedness.  Sometimes this leads to assumptions and confusion, or even criticism of others' goals, all of which is typical in an industry that prides itself on being ready to confront the unexpected.  In this multi-part series, we'll go into detail about understanding more about goals, and creating your own.  First, lets look at how a preparedness goal can come about and be characterized, and then explore some questions about those goals.

There are a wide range of dangerous situations that might present themselves to us, in our lifetimes.  Below is a chart, illustrating a random selection of events, and positioning them based on how likely they are to happen to us, and how dangerous they are to us when they do occur.  I call this the "Kimble Principle of Disaster Preparedness", just because I'm humble, and always wanted to name something after myself.  :-)

Kimble Principle of Disaster Preparedness


When selecting a holster, you may notice that the descriptions say the holster has a certain "level", such as "Super-Gunfighter Level-3 Duty Holster".  What the level indicates, is the number of mechanical retention features that must be defeated to withdraw the pistol from the holster.  This number is typically no higher than three.